Deadly pleasure

Her name is Jovana. She likes a little bit unusual things and she's more like introverted type of person, so she prefers to make her own world where she can do whatever she likes and where people understand her. She likes Metal and punk and all that little things like Long Winter Walks, Deep Male Voice, Red Lipstick, Rain, Stars, Tones Of Coffee, Horror Movies, Chocolate, Brown eyes, Cigarettes, Biologie, Snow etc. So if you want to know her better just go to ask box and send her strange message, like Hi. Welcome to her blog and enjoy..

July 31, 2012  ·   · 
ann-belle whispered : may I ask where are you from?:) and how is to live there? :D 

I’m from Serbia same as Jovana (yes, we have the same name :D) It’s really beautiful here. You know, there’s big cities and I like night life there. It’s really amazing, we have Exit (techno and house music), Guca and other festivals like Beer fest and they’re so much fun. Also Serbia has beautiful nature. It’s so untouched, pure. Where are you from? (:

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